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Run Grateful will unite your teams wherever they are in the world through mindful practices that will increase the quality of their mental wellbeing. Run Grateful prides itself on being radically inclusive by transcending borders, languages, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs.


Gratitude is scientifically proven to benefit our health and wellbeing. Studies show its ability to improve team-member relationships; increase energy levels; lower stress; and improve our sleep and immune function.​ 


Over the course of your tailored corporate workshop, Run Grateful will provide all logistical support so your organization can focus on your gratitude.

Trusted By

Run Grateful x Limelight Sports Workshop
It was a pleasure to meet the team at Limelight Sports & deliver one of our corporate workshops. We spent the hour or so sharing about Run Grateful, what we do, and why. We also used the time to guide a little breath session which was then followed by a "grateful mile" walk around London.
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