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November 2023 Run Grateful took our unique 24 hours of MOVEMENT + GRATITUDE event across the world to Bondi, Sydney. Partnering with the incredible 400 Run Club & the amazing Trent Knox, we were humbled by our welcome & were overwhelmed with the event and the whole trip. As it was mens mental health month we connected a few guys together to go on this 24 hour journey together. This is what happened. Thank you to everyone who took part, supported and championed us, we will be back sharing more grateful miles in 2024. Glory days, PE Nation and Nimbus... Grateful for your support in making this event happen.

RG x 440 Run Club / 24 hours of MOVEMENT + GRATITUDE, Bondi Edition


A little video full of MOVEMENT & GRATITUDE from our 24 hour event with our friends Hylo Athletics.  Connecting with others through grateful miles on the hour is something we love about this unique event.  As always, a huge thank you to those that joined us for a day full of good stuff.

Run Grateful x Hylo Athletics - 24 hour experience 2023


Our 2nd time of doing this & what a day!   We invited a few from around the UK & Europe to meet, connect & run/walk some grateful miles together.  We had a unique 24-hour experience together & was joined throughout the day by local schools, friends & family.  We are so grateful to everyone who supported us in making this happen.  We are proud of the work we do at Run Grateful & keen to do a lot more!  Let us know what you think of the video below. Next year we aim to go to Manchester & a couple of other places around the 🌎 #GratitudeMoves

Run Grateful Presents 24 hours of gratitude 2022


A short 11-minute film highlighting the emotive highs and lows of each participant partaking in the life-changing Run Grateful Challenge. Personal stories were told. Negative emotions were let go. New perspectives were gained - all while clocking in a full marathon's distance over 24 hours.

26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge 2020

Events - where it all started for us at Run Grateful.

During lockdown in May 2020, our founder Mark took on a challenge to running 5k, then a mile, on the hour, every hour for 24 hours!


Mark decided to add a creative and meaningful purpose to the challenge by dedicating each mile to people & experiences he was GRATEFUL for in his life. After such an uplifting day and positive feedback from those that followed him, Mark began exploring ways he could help others experience the benefits and power of connecting MOVEMENT to GRATITUDE.

Run Grateful Events was born! But no one needs to run for 24hrs, it all begins with 1 grateful mile!

Every year we invite others to join our unique '24 Hours of Gratitude' experience.

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