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Run Grateful Methodology

At Run Grateful we believe that if we can MOVE, CONNECT + REFLECT daily we give ourselves the best opportunity to navigate life, being open to what comes and have a framework to support our next steps.

As we have shared, a “grateful mile” is at the centre of all we do, it’s a powerful combination, our MCR method will add more depth & guidance to the experience, it allows us to build more solid foundations to guide & inspire our next steps. 
We have created expert guided sessions to encourage an open mind and expose you to new things. From yoga and strength training to meditation and Tai Chi, we have a eclectic mix of great ways to move the body and mind all centred around our MOVE, CONNECT + REFLECT method.
What do we mean by MOVE, CONNECT + REFLECT?



Physically and mentally, how are we moving forwards in life and have we got the momentum we need to progress?


Are we connecting with ourselves, with others and our surroundings? Are we keen to better understand ourselves? Do we feel part of something and have healthy relationships? Are we connected to the outdoors, where we live and do we have a sense of belonging?


Do we take time to review past events? How can we improve and learn to take that into the next day? Do we ask ourselves certain key questions around who and what is around us? Are we giving ourselves the best possible chance in life with our decisions?

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