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Transform Through Mindful Movement

An introduction to mindful movement.

Run Grateful 21 Day Programme


RUN GRATEFUL are on a mission to connect the world the world through MOVEMENT & GRATITUDE

We are passionate for everyone to experience at least ONE GRATEFUL MILE in their lifetime as believe that it won’t just stop at one!

Connecting YOUR RUN to GRATITUDE is a powerful combination and we have plenty on offer to take you on a more mindful movement journey.

If We are lucky enough to be able to move in certain ways, use this as your super power to do good in world, uplift, inspire and think of others


Everything we do is centered around the simplicity of a GRATEFUL MILE

Walk it or run it, add more miles to it, for us it’s the start & first step. What do we mean by a grateful mile? What is it? In its simplest form we invite you to take a moment before you set of on your walk / run and focus on something you are grateful for, a person, a memory, an experience. Something positive and uplifting that can reset you, anchor you & be your focus whilst out.

We have more on offer at Run Grateful to heighten the experience & connect you further with yourself, others and you’re surrounding buts as we suggest, it starts with a GRATEFUL MILE.


At Run Grateful we believe that if we can MOVE, CONNECT + REFLECT daily we give ourselves the best opportunity to navigate life, being open to what comes and having a framework to support our next steps. It's our method to inspire and guide your journey to becoming more mindful. Read More


COMING SOON - #GratitudeMoves


Our global campaign to get getting connecting MOVEMENT with GRATITUDE!


Now you don’t just have to RUN GRATEFUL with us, whatever way you MOVE, you'll be invited to sprinkle some GRATITUDE.


Yoga, walking, Cross Fit, Pilates… However you love to MOVE, scan the code, share GRATITUDE with us and support our mission of connecting the world through MOVEMENT and GRATITUDE.

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