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Keep your Gratitude practice momentum by
joining our January Bite Size Project

What is the 2023 - January Challenge?

After the success of our “December challenge” we are delighted to invite you to carry on with the consistency of committing to a grateful mile a day, not quite “No days off” but we are keen to inspire a whole year of inviting movement & gratitude & to make it more manageable we are slicing it up into months, so this January 2023 why not commit to those gratitude miles, tick off the days, set goals for the month & download our free calendar to support your next steps.


The Run Grateful community has grown and our ability to be able to take the powerful message of gratitude to a wider audience has grown with it.


As always we are encouraging our community to join us in a 'daily grateful mile'. We know that this transformational experience, combining both running and gratitude practice, is the key to help build some deeper and more meaningful habits. We know that it works (the feedback from those that have done it....and the science....all back it).

Over the next weeks we will be sharing more context on what gratitude means and how you can try different methods 'within your daily grateful mile' to go deeper.


The success of these Gratitude challenges and the overwhelmingly exciting responses have spurred our mission to foster a global Run Grateful community and share this  transformative challenge with the rest of the world. Please help us by passing it on to others.

Thank you to Sarah & EN11 Your Town Runners for Inspiration

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"A  wonderful opportunity to reflect on what you are grateful for in your life and also navigate mindfully through some challenging experiences. "

- Trina Dawkins @trina_runs


"I want to join this challenge as a way to reconnect with myself, my body and things in life I feel grateful for! (It’s been too many months of not moving enough or connecting to gratitude enough)"

Rachel Markies 


"Having an opportunity to think about others and to Dedicate my Grateful Mile (in the Run Grateful App) to them has been transformative. Being part of the Run Grateful community can elevates a run from a mere 'to do' to something powerful"

- David Bone 'Looming.Tech'

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