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One step at a time, we can make a change

& we all have a part to play. 


Please follow the steps highlighted below

to become part of the Run Grateful Community! 


Think of a person or thing you feel particularly

grateful for.


Go for that Grateful Run/Walk!

Tag us on Instagram /

Facebook @1gratefulrun

& use the hashtag #1GratefulRun


Q: What is a grateful mile/km?

A gratitude mile (or kilometre) is a few minutes out of your day to combine movement - through a leisurely walk or run, with a conscious reflection of everything you’re feeling grateful for in life. 


Q: Is there a Run Grateful Club on Strava? 

Run Grateful does have a presence on Strava, so if you wish to connect with other Grateful runners/walkers, please join the club


Q: Can you take on a grateful mile by doing other types of activities besides running?

Absolutely, yes! Please feel free to take on your grateful miles by simply moving - running/walking/rolling/cycling etc.


Q: How many countries are involved with Run Grateful?

We feel immensely grateful that grateful runners/walkers from over 70+ countries have joined us for previous Run Grateful events.  


Q: Are there any regular Run Grateful events?

 Yes, Run Grateful does organize gratitude-themed weekends every 2-3 months, where we invite runners/walkers from all over the world to take on at least one (or more!) grateful miles over a weekend and to share their gratitude virtually with the Run Grateful community.


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