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Q: Can you join the Ocado x Run Grateful at any time throughout the month?

Yes, absolutely! Any and all miles count, even if walked/ran on the very last day of February. 

Please make sure to sign up here.


Q: Why was the target goal set at 7,918 Grateful Miles?  

Since this Ocado x Run Grateful challenge extends across 10 countries, we wanted to reach for a goal that also expresses this same idea. 7,918 is the diameter of the earth, so we are aiming for all Ocado employees to travel from one side of the earth to the other in Grateful Miles. 


Q: With lots of people having to self isolate... would it still be OK to log the miles we do either on a treadmill?

Yes, logging your Grateful Miles on a treadmill is completely fine.


Q: Do I have to log my Grateful Mile right after my walk/run?

Not at all. Please log them here either after your walk/run or even, at the end of the week - whatever is most convenient for you? 


Q: What's the best advice you have for someone participating in this challenge?

While the goal of this challenge is to collectively walk/run 7,918, the TRUE objective of the Ocado x Run Grateful challenge is allow for a deeper connection to gratitude and to also establish a connection among Ocado employees across the world. 


Q: Can I take on a Grateful Mile walk/run with family or friends?

Absolutely! In fact, we would love this. However, please note that only Ocado employees’ Grateful Miles count towards this challenge. 


Q: Is there an Ocado x Run Grateful Club on Strava? 

Run Grateful does have a presence on Strava, so if you wish to connect with other Grateful runners/walkers, please join the club

Q: Will I receive a medal?

Yes! Each Ocado employee signed up will receive a medal following completion of the challenge.

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