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Q: Can you join the Ocado x Run Grateful at any time throughout the month?

Yes, absolutely! Any and all miles count, even if walked/ran on the very last day of the challenge, February 14th. Please make sure to sign up here.

Q: Why is the target goal set to 18,050 Grateful Mile?  

Since this Ocado x Run Grateful challenge extends across 10 countries, we wanted to reach for a goal that expresses the distance traveled to & from all of these places! 18,050 miles is the amount of miles traveled from Mebourne (AUS) to Tokyo (Japan) - 5,090 mi, Tokyo (Japan) to Sofia (Bulgaria) - 5,700 mi, Sofia (Bulgaria) to Krakow (Poland) - 464 mi, Krakow (Poland) to Stockholm (Sweden)- 561 mi, Stockholm (Sweden) to London (UK)- 774 mi, Hatfield (UK) to Fleury-Mérogis (France)- 245 mi, Fleury-Mérogis (France) to Barcelona (Spain)-  501 mi, Barcelona (Spain) to Toronto (Canada)- 3,978 mi, Toronto (Canada) to Atlanta (USA)- 738 mi. 

Q: With lots of people having to self isolate... would it still be OK to log the miles we do either on a treadmill?

Yes, logging your Grateful Miles on a treadmill is completely fine.

Q: Do I have to log my Grateful Mile right after my walk/run?

Not at all. Please log them here either after your walk/run or even, at the end of the week - whatever is most convenient for you? 

Q: What's the best advice you have for someone participating in this challenge?

While the goal of this challenge is to collectively walk/run 18,050 miles, the TRUE objective of the Ocado x Run Grateful challenge is to allow for a deeper connection to gratitude and to also establish a connection among Ocado employees across the world. 

Q: Can I take on a Grateful Mile walk/run with family or friends?

Absolutely! In fact, we would love this. However, please note that only Ocado employees’ Grateful Miles count towards this challenge. 

Q: Is there an Ocado x Run Grateful Club on Strava? 

Run Grateful does have a presence on Strava, so if you wish to connect with other Grateful runners/walkers, please join the club! 

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