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We’re living through especially trying times, where we are confronted with an uncertain reality weighed with anxiety and ambiguity.

How can we - as a global running collective - constructively push through this?  

By focusing on affirmations of goodness through GRATITUDE RUNNING. 


To us, gratitude work is not just good medicine or a simple strategy for leading a happier or healthier life; it drives an intrinsic sense of purpose and desire for change.


As we combine RUNNING with GRATITUDE work, a positive ripple effect is generated through every layer of our lives, allowing us to tune into some of our most meaningful aspirations – our desire for happiness and pursuit of better relationships.



How can you get involved? 

26.2 mile x 24 hour Challenge 

Challenge yourself to run a mile an hour, every hour for 24 hours, while dedicating every mile to someone or something you are grateful for.


One Mile Challenge

Run or walk a mile during the day (at any time) but decide before you set off what thought or feeling of gratitude you wish to carry with you in your mind whilst you run or walk. Feel free to run multiple miles, just make sure to make them grateful!

Make sure to tag @1gratefulrun throughout your challenge!



Gratitude is a universal currency that can be practiced by the world at large. 

You are never too old, too young, too rich, too poor, to live gratefully.


Whether coming from the simple acceptance of another’s thoughtfulness, appreciation of nature, recognition of the good things in life, or from countless other small magical moments, gratitude enriches nearly all layers of life.


We would be thrilled if you (individually) or your running club or crew / gym / community would like to take on a Run Grateful Event - either the 26.2 mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge or the One Grateful Mile… Let's chat!


Get in contact with us to see how we can support you ahead of your organized Run Grateful event!

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