26.2  MILE / 24 MILE 



So, how did the 26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge

come to be in the first place?

To cope with the heaviness and uncertainty that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, avid runner and founder of Your Town CIC, Mark White challenged himself to personally take on the first rendition of the 24 hour Run Grateful challenge. This involved starting with a 5km distance run, followed by running a mile on the hour, for twenty-four straight hours (amounting to a full 26.2 mile marathon distance) — dedicating each hour to someone or something Mark felt especially grateful to and for. Blown away by the transformational experience, combining both running and gratitude practice, Mark wanted to thereafter open this challenge to others.

Only a few short months later did he do just that, by organizing the first official 26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge on September 4th- inviting runners from around the UK to join him at Ashton Playing Fields in Essex to take on the strenuous, yet completely life-changing personal challenge. 


The success of the event and the overwhelmingly exciting response from each of the participants spurred his mission to foster a global Run Grateful community and share this  transformative event with the rest of the world.

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